Araz solutions
by business size

Araz has customized its infrastructure to meet the specific needs of small, medium, and large businesses. You can explore our solutions tailored to your organization’s size and decide the most suitable service for your business.

Small businesses

Basic web hosting: Web hosting solutions for small business websites, blogs, and online stores.

Email hosting: Secure and reliable email hosting solutions with custom domain support and spam filtering.

File sharing tools: Cloud-based productivity for communication, collaboration, and file sharing.

Medium businesses

Managed cloud servers: Scalable VPS solutions with dedicated resources for mid-sized businesses and growing startups.

Database hosting: Managed database services for storing, managing, and analyzing business data.

Business continuity solutions: Data recovery and backup solutions to ensure business continuity and data protection.


Private cloud infrastructure: Secure and dedicated cloud infrastructure for large enterprises with high security and compliance requirements.

Hybrid cloud solutions: Integrated cloud solutions that combine private and public clouds for better scalability and flexibility.

Enterprise resource planning: Comprehensive ERP solutions for managing core business processes such as finance, human resources, and supply chain.